Ok, it is raining today, so most people wouldn’t think this would be a good day for a blessing of the bikes, but we had one anyway. I headed down to Cowboy HD this morning to join the other chaplains that are part of the Christian Unity group. Debbie stayed home, because she was still getting over a cold. When I arrived, I immediately encountered a fellow who was there to pick up his bike after he had it worked on. I was privileged to bless him and his bike before he headed out in the rain to return home. After going inside I found Frank and his group from Honor Bound there, and a few more chaplains arrived later. Since there weren’t really any riders on their bikes because of the rain, we rounded up anyone who wanted to participate inside the store, and Frank led a “remote” bike blessing and prayer over the group. After that was completed, I was privileged to speak to seven more people and bless their bikes “remotely” and them directly, as well as pray with them.  I also gave each of those I talked with a copy of my Moments book. All in all, a great day!