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This weekend we had our CMA Seasons of Refreshing. It has been held in Corsicana for a couple of years now at one of the churches large enough to hold our 500 plus members attending. It all starts Friday evening, so Debbie and I headed up Friday afternoon, and naturally we stopped at Colin Street bakery to see what tasty things we could find. Al I can say is they have wonderful stuff. Then we headed off the check into our hotel, and then to the church to drop off the 100 copies of Moments i brought to give away to people attending. Then off to dinner and then back to the church for the first session with John Ogden Jr. speaking. He did really good this year, and I think we all had a great time culminating in Prayer at the end on Saturday afternoon. Another exciting part of Seasons is that they have a one day training session for people that want to become full CMA members and wear the CMA back patch.  We had one couple attend the session, which was very exciting. Well I guess I should stop all this talking and get on with the pictures. Oh, one more thing. Last week I gave copies of Moments to all the chaplains of the CMA chapter in North Texas. This week, one of the lady chaplains was so excited about my book, that she offered to run around handing them out. How could I say no. Needless to say, my 100 copies didn’t last long. Good job Darlean!