This is the first of four posts covering four days of my vacation. The story starts on Tuesday November 19th as we head out to visit an old (well I might be older than he is) friend Casey down in Camp Wood. Casey had invited us to come down a couple of years ago, and today seemed like the perfect opportunity to take in the sights. Our first stop was at a turn of the century church along 290 just behind the Rest Stop between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. I had been there before, and I wanted to get some more pictures. I just love blue skies behind the blue church building. Then we continued west.  The trees are changing color, so we enjoyed a beautiful drive through one of the twisted sisters (39 west of Kerrville), over to 83 and south to Leakey, and finally west over the second half of 337 to Camp Wood. It was a beautiful drive, I especially liked the part of 39 that runs along the river. As we approached Camp Wood, we stopped to take a picture of the Adopt a Highway sign that says the Escondidos adopted this section of 337.