On Thursday we decided to head up to Sonora Caverns. I figured we probably wouldn’t get back to this area any time soon, sows better go while we are here. Of course getting there still involved driving 100 miles, but it was definitely worth it. I have been in quite a few caverns both in Texas, and I have been to Carlsbad Caverns some years ago. Now Sonora cagers isn’t nearly ass large as Carlsbad, but it is bigger than any of the other caves I have been in, and you get to be closer to the actual rock formations that you do in any of the other cases I have ever seen. You still aren’t allowed to touch of course, but you certainly could if you didn’t mind going to prison for a long time. I had no desire to do that, so we just looked and took pictures. Debbie and I took a lot of pictures, so this is only a small sampling. Oh, and finally, when we returned from the tour we found that one of the gift shop employees was busily making Turkey Cookies out of pretzels, candy corn, Oreos and hot dipping chocolate. YUM!