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We arrived before dark at Casey’s “Cable House Travel Court”. I didn’t have any idea what to expect, so my mind envisioned something a bit more rustic that it actually is. Casey has really put a lot of time and effort into making a very comfortable environment. Essentially he has a large open court area surrounded by new or restored mobile home trailers. And when I say mobile homes, I mean the 15 to 25 foot variety, not the huge ones. In the middle, there is a covered seating area with lounge chairs surrounding a wood stove that comes in handy on those cool evenings. As you can see from the pictures, he seems to be going for a sort of tropical motif. Pretty nice. Debbie and I stayed in the only permanent structure, that Casey calls the Cable House. The Cable House got its name because the building was originally built to house all the cable TV equipment that the previous owners used to provide cable TV to the community of Camp Wood. That business is gone now, since everyone uses satellite dishes for TV. Anyway, Casey fixed up the inside with several sleeping areas,  kitchen and a bathroom with shower.  We stayed in the “Day of the Dead” room (see photo), that is decorated with Casey’s collection of Day of the Dead souvenirs. It isn’t as scary as it sounds, and we slept like babies. The main area of the cabin is decorated  as a clubhouse of the Escondido MC members, with a nice big screen flat panel TV and satellite to drive it. Now this is camping the way I like it!

The next day Debbie and I walked down to a restaurant for breakfast. Camp Wood is pretty small, but I was still surprised to see people (including us) actually walking around instead of driving. Breakfast was great, and I can only say the pancakes are ginormous.

After breakfast, Casey picked us up and gave us a tour of the highlights of Camp Wood. As Casey says, it won’t take very long, and it didn’t, but it was still fun. After a little rest from our frantic pace, we headed out to a couple of sewing and quilt stores in town and I took some photos of a colorful building while I waited.

At dinner time we headed over to the Two Fat Boys BBQ restaurant run by a member of the local Gypsy MC chapter. The smoked turkey was really good.

We finished up the evening around the wood burning stove out back at the travel court talking with Casey and his wife Chris. Wow, this is shaping up to be  really relaxing vacation.