Well, Halloween was this past Thursday, and I volunteered to take pictures at the Fall Festival our church was putting on. I have done this for a couple of years, so I didn’t think there would be any problems. It turns out, the photography part went really well, I managed to take pictures of all the families that attended. The really good news is that all the photos were in focus. Don’t ask about last year, it’s a long story. Anyway, on Friday I planned to go over to Wallgreens at lunch time and get everything printed. I had over 150 photos to print, and Wallgreens was having a 10 cent sale on 4×6 prints. Great, here I come. So, in preparation I put the photos on a USB memory stick and on arrival I plugged it into one of their “very new looking” photo stations. Nothing…. Ok, I tried another photo station… Nothing…. Hm… I talked to the nice lady behind the counter, and she tried to help me but it still wouldn’t work. Ok, I am on a mission for GOD, so I should expect some problems. I thanked her and told her I would be back. I headed home and copied all the photos to an SD memory card. Surely that would work. Back to Wallgreens, and naturally I got the same result. Nothing… Hmm.. I am seeing a trend here. I thought to myself.. Self, surely God wants me to be successful here, what should I do? Oh I know, Pray! Ok God, what do you want me to do? The lady behind the counter called someone else to come over to try and help out, but same result. Nothing… At this point I was about to give up (maybe I should have started there) and leave, when the guy said… I think there is a card reader on the side of the computer, we could try that. Hmm, I looked, and sure enough there was, so I plugged the card into the slot, and low an behold it worked. Hallelujah !! I just had to wait around for a few minutes, and out came my 150 photos looking pretty good.

You probably think the story is over, but it isn’t. I headed home, and thought, maybe I should call Debbie. She had said she wasn’t feeling too great earlier, so I thought I would offer to bring home dinner. I pulled over, and called her. She said that would be fine, so I headed over to my favorite Mexican restaurant (Taco Bell) and ordered a drink and some stuff to eat. When I moved forward to pay, there was one car ahead of me, and it seemed like it took forever for them to get their food. I do mean forever, not that I was impatient or anything. Anyway, when I finally got to the window, I paid, and the lady handed me my food and I left. When I got home I realized I had nott gotten my drink. Oh, Kay… By now I had already driven to Wallgreens twice, and I was about to forget about the drink when Debbie said, you really do need to go back and get your drink. Ok, I headed out the door and back to Taco Bell. The lady remembered me, and apologized for not giving it to me the first time. Of course it was probably my fault for being in a hurry.

I headed home, and with Debbie’s encouragement I rode the exercise bike for a while to burn off some stress. I feel like I had been sifted like Wheat, but I never lost my temper, and I didn’t yell at anybody, so I think I’m good. In fact I know I’m good. Praise God!