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The UCOA meeting was this evening at Texas Mist. There was lots of socializing as usual,  and the weather even turned cold so most everyone came in their leathers. The agenda was pretty light, mostly we talked about the November Chili competition on the 16th, and of course the Freedom Run fund raiser for TMRA II coming up this saturday in Pflugerville at Hanovers which it happening at the same time as the Pflugerville Chili Pfest. Should be a great time, and we are praying that the weather will be good.

The U.S. Military Vets made a donation to J. W. Rock, which was accepted by Bandido OneWire the chairman of J.W. Rock. J. W. Rock is a 501c3 charity that provides food baskets and presents to some of the most needy families in the Austin are at Christmas time. It is supported by all the UCOA clubs throughout the year, and has been benefiting families in need since about 2001.

The chili competition on November 16th is also the COC&I meeting and it happening at the CTHD (Central Texas Harley Davidson) in Round Rock. We have this event at CTHD a couple of times a year, and we always bring out the military color guard as part of our show of respect for the military and all our fighting men and women. This time, we will be blessed to have Alan Babin carrying the flag in the color guard. Alan is a veteran that gave everything to protect our freedom. We helped Alan about eight years ago while he was recovering from very serious injuries while stationed in Kuwait. Here are links to information about Alan; http://www.purpleheartaustin.org/babin.htm and here are links to two benefits UCOA did for Alan in 2006 and 2007, led by Vietnam Vets MC; https://photobubba.com/category/alan-babin-ucoa-austin-texas-veteran/ https://photobubba.com/2006/02/06/alan-babin-at-the-roadhouse-2/

To make a long story even longer, Bandido Lefty suggested that everyone sign a copy of my photo book and that we present it to Alan as a gift at the COC&I meeting, so some of the photos are of all the people that waited in line to sign the book; “UCOA : The Biker Experience”. Oh, Alan, if you are reading this, stop reading before this paragraph.