Tonight I want to talk primarily to those of us that call ourselves Christians, but actually the principle can be applied to everyone.

Ok, so as a Christian I believe Jesus is God, and that He has power, lots of power. Power to heal, power to protect, power to defeat His enemies, and even the power to raise someone from the dead. As a Christian, I seek and watch for how God is working in the world around me, and I look for the ways He wants me to interact with the people I meet. Often this is done by listening either to a voice in my head, or perhaps to someone else’s voice I’m speaking with. However it happens, God speaks to me and I hear Him because I belong to Him and I recognize His voice. When I recognize His voice, I respond and God pours out his power into whatever situation I am in. This happens in many different ways, so I won’t be specific because what I really want to talk about is what happens after that. After I see God work, I can get an emotional high. It is kind of like riding a roller coaster, it is exciting, and after the ride is over, you might find your legs are kind of rubbery from the thrill of the ride.

After that awesome experience, I want to stay focused on that feeling. So much so, that I don’t always pay attention to what is happening around me. And sometimes I can be led into making bad decisions because I let my guard down.

So, consider yourself forewarned, that when God works, it is wonderful, but the roller coaster will eventually come to a stop and when the high is over we need to remain attentive to God’s voice, so we don’t stumble and fall. As Debbie says: forewarned is forearmed.

Deut 4:9 says “Stay alert. Keep close watch over yourselves. Don’t let you heart wander off. Stay vigilant as long as you live.”