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It’s Freedom Dog time again. We had the bi-monthly COC&I meeting at Texas Mist today, so Debbie and I (mostly Debbie) went to help out. I go to take pictures, and Debbie goes to actually work. And a good job she did, helping Wes and Woody sell Freedom Dogs, Freedom Dogs with Chili and Freedom Burgers. The meeting started around 1 PM and as usual Bandido Lefty presided of the series of speaker. We heard that Region 1 (that’s us) did really well in the most recent Call to Action related to an EPA push to increase the Ethanol in our gasoline to higher levels. Unfortunately those levels have not been appropriately tests on motorcycles, so we were pushing for proper testing before implementation. Seems only logical to me. Anyway, it was a good meeting. I hope you enjoy the pics;