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Our church had a guest speaker last Sunday, his name is Steve McVey, and he is the author of the well known book entitled “Grace Walk”. He has also published several more books on the subject of God’s Grace. It appears that the mission God has given him in this life is to help each of us understand God’s Grace better.

Steve taught four sessions last Sunday, and we hope to have them up on our church blog shortly, but in the mean times I thought I would post an entry to get you hooked. I mean started.  The embedded video below (published by permission) is just the introduction to a web series that Steve has on the lies that people hear in church every Sunday. Now to be clear, I am not saying that people are being lied to intentionally, just that many people (including pastors) have an incomplete or incorrect understanding of God’s Grace.

You can now listen to the recordings here: Exchanged Life Conference with Steve McVey

Here is a link to the Grace Walk web site: http://gracewalk.org

All the links on this posting will take you to Steve’s web site.

52 Lies Heard In Church Every Sunday is now available.
This is the first book in a series of two books and
will contain 52 of the 101 Lies Taught In Church Every Sunday.
Click Here to OrderClick the Links Below To Watch each of the
101 Videos

101 Lies Taught In Church Every Week – Introduction
Salvation is Giving Your Life to Jesus
Christians Are Just Sinners Saved by Grace
When You Became a Christian God Changed Your Life
Becoming A Christian Means Having Your Sins Forgiven
Your Sins Are Under the Blood of Jesus
Your Greatest Need Is To Love God More
The Answer To A Weak Christian’s Commitment Is To Rededicate Yourself To Christ
The Holy Spirit Convicts Unbelievers of Their Sins
The Christian Life Is All Of Him and None Of Me
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