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This is the second or third year of the north Texas CMA 5 chapter campout meeting at Apache Pass. It was decided that this year the food would be divided up among the chapter, with each one providing a meal. New Life Riders got Saturday evening and cooked up chicken fajita tacos with baked peppers and onions for about 40 people. It was very yummy. On the side, louis and Candy roasted some Jalapinos, which were fire hot. I heard that, but didn’t try any myself. There was also some wonderful fresh salsa. I don’t know who made it, but I could have just sat there and eaten it with a fork. It was like wow and complimented the fajita tacos great. Ok, enough about food. It was a campout, but I just went for the day. So, I arrived around 10am, and had several fun conversations with friends that I haven’t seen in a while, then we headed out to Tankawa Cycles for a visit, and after that went around the corner to a very good Mexican Restaurant. Next stop after food was across the street to the antique store. I din’t find anything I just had to have, so I headed back to camp and watched the bike games and washer toss. All I can say about the bike games is that I’m not sure a blind driver game is really very safe, aLthough we did manager to get through it without mishap. After the games I managed to get in a short nap until the Koobs smoker (for the chicken and veggies) tried to turn my nap location (my car) into a smoke house. It seems I parked too close and downwind from the smoker 🙂  I moved the car and not long after the food was ready and we had my already described dinner. Eat, games, nap, eat. What a life.