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I attended the United Clubs meeting for September this evening and brought a couple of friends from Black Sheep Motorcycle Ministry. They are relatively new to the area, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the clubs in Austin.  The meeting itself was pretty uneventful, except that we heard that Companero Hooch will be getting out of the hospital Saturday after having to be in there for two months. He has been recovering from a stroke, and he is doing much better now, but all our prayers are still needed to bring him full healing. Anyway Bandido Lefty suggested that we should all sign a copy of my picture book (UCOA : The Biker Experience) for Hooch, and give it to him as a gift so he can be reading all those well wishes and enjoying the pictures while he is still recovering. Needless to say, everyone jumped at the chance to sign, and then Chief delivered it to Hooch this evening. It is great to hear that Hooch is getting out of the hospital and I will keep praying for him.