We all have memories, some good memories and some… that we would like to forget. But, whether good or bad, memories are what makes us who we are. Memories can be a very powerful force for change in our lives. As a teen I picked a fight with another student who was on the school boxing team. The result of that as you might imagine made me decide very clearly that I didn’t want to be a fighter. Many of us were introduced to motorcycles as children, and that experience may have led to our riding motorcycles today.

Memories can drive us forward, and sometimes they can keep us from moving forward. If you were abused as a child or as an adult, you may have memories that you wish you didn’t have, but whether your memories are good or bad, I believe God gave us memories for a very good reason. Memories enable us to learn and mature. If I couldn’t remember, then I would make the same mistakes over and over again.

As your chaplain I am building memories every time God uses me to minister to one of you. Those memories are important to me and they are a big part of what drives me to continue in this role as your Chaplain. As I get older, my mind seems to hide more and more memories from me, but I am trusting that God will always protect the memories that I need most.

Remembering where we came from helps us see where we are going. Why not join me in allowing God to heal the memories you wish you didn’t have, and to help you see your path clearly as you move forward into tomorrow.