Saturday I got an letter from my mother. She live in California far away from my home in Texas, and we don’t get to visit as often as I would like. Anyway, she has taken up a new, well old hobby this past year. Painting and drawing. I haven’t seen very much of it, one piece I think. When she was young, before raising a family she liked to draw and paint. Now that she has time, she has taken it up a again. As usual my moms letters are short and to the point. I sent her a copy of my photo book, and she loved it. Of course she is my mother so she has to say that, but she isn’t into lying, so I think she did like it very much. Since she doesn’t do computers, she decide to write me this letter, and she include a little piece of after lunch artwork. I say after lunch, because it was drawn on a paper placemat. Pretty nice Mom. Of course I had to scan it into the computer. I think I’ll use it for a screen saver.