Sometimes I feel two faced. There I said it. Sometimes I hear Gods still small voice in my head and I put away my fears (including the fears that someone else is putting in my head), and I just do it. I act on God’s voice and do the simple little thing He is asking me to do. When I do that, life it good, and I feel like God used me for His purpose, which is what I want.

Other times however life isn’t so pretty. I hear these words in my head, that I know aren’t from God. Yes I know whose voice it really is, but sometimes I convince myself it is my own voice, and then I follow that voice to its logical conclusion, which is sin. The strange thing about all this is that even as I am following that voice, another part of me is watching and knows perfectly well that it isn’t my voice.

Paul says in Romans 7,

“I do the things I don’t want to do and I don’t do the things I want to do. Who will free me from this body of death”.

Strong words from the man that is the author of multiple books of the Bible. Later in Romans 8, he says;

“I have discovered the secret to being content in all circumstances, whether in plenty or little”.

Quite a turn around from one chapter to the next. You see, in chapter 8, Paul explains the truth that he is, and we are “in Christ”, after we have accepted Christ as our Saviour. Paul discovered that the voice in his head that would seek to lead him away from Christ was NOT HIS OWN VOICE.

Many of us still think of ourselves as sinners, even after we are in Christ, but we ARE NOT SINNERS. We are in Christ, and in Christ there IS NO SIN.

Christ gives me a choice. With my free will, I can choose to follow the voice in my head that I KNOW IS NOT MINE, or I can acknowledge the TRUTH. I am in Christ and there can be no sin in me. I can follow after sin if I choose, but that is no longer me. I am just allowing myself to be led down a path that I already know leads to sin. Why not declare with me, ” I am not a sinner, I am in Christ, and in Christ there is no sin! “. Then when you hear that voice in your head that you know is a lie, speak the truth; THAT IS NOT ME. IN THE NAME OF JESUS I COMMAND YOU BE GONE!

The truth will set you free, and I am free indeed.