Well, here we are on day trip number two, not on a bike, in my car, but this could be  a great motorcycle day trip if it wasn’t so dang hot.

Yesterday I went West, so today I went East. It wasn’t my plan, it just turned out that way. I started out looking for one of the Texas Ghost towns to go to, but I couldn’t find one that was both close (less that 100 miles), and interesting. I know there probably are some, but I couldn’t find them this morning. Can you say spur of the moment? Anyway, somehow president Bush “W” turned up in my search, so I looked at going to visit his Presidential Library. Unfortunately it is in Dallas, and I am not about to go to Dallas on a day trip, not to mention all the traffic I would get to enjoy dealing with (NOT). So, as searches would have it the President Bush Sr’s library is in College Station, and fit my requirements perfectly (being 100 miles away and all).

I headed out around 9AM. The first thing I notices as I was heading East on 79 was a freight train that I passed. I had notice another train yesterday, but didn’t have any way to get a decent picture, so today I just kept going until I was well ahead of the train and pulled over at the first opportunity. I jumped out of the car and waited for the right moment, then started snapping away. Unfortunately my Fuji isn’t what you would call the perfect camera for this kind of photography (of course it could be my lack of skill as well), and I didn’t get the perfect shot. But, what I did get isn’t too bad.

Next I stopped in Rockdale at Tonkawa Cycles for a short visit and to say hello. Great people, be sure to stop in if you are right downtown in Rockdale.

Finally I arrived in College Station at the Library, and as I was walking up to the building, Uncle Sam himself was walking out toward me. So naturally I had to get him to pose right next to the American Flag bench. What a great coincidence. Ok, enough of my ramblings and on to the photos. Oh yes, I stopped at Caldwell Burgers on the way home. Interesting, burgers and subway in one building.