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Debbie and I went shopping in preparation for this event, so even though she is now in California visiting relatives, I have something to donate to the Coats and School Supplies for Kids benefit today. I arrived early, but I was in time to witness their taco plate production line as Calaveras MC put together 50 plates that were pre-purchased for another local event. They were ready for a crowd, which was good because they got pretty good participation from the clubs, probably around 100 people coming in from the hot (100+) weather outside to the air conditioned building where the event was held. Oh, did I mention that everyone got to drive their bikes into the building and park in the air conditioning. No one was complaining about the hot weather after they they arrived, and not surprisingly, everyone hung around for a long time. Which brings me to the music. I don’t know their name, but there were three guitars and a drummer playing sort of rock bluesy tunes that were really nice. I also enjoyed a chicken taco plate with all the fixins’ as did everyone. There were also some sweet extras available if you were so inclined. Finally last but certainly not least, if you got too cold in the building you could go outside and get your bike washed by a nice young lady in a… Well, lets just say she was wearing pink. Enjoy the photos