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We recently found out that the first stop for the Freedom Run on October 19th, which was at TOMBSTONE TEXAS up on 29 has closed. What this means is that we need to find another location to use as the first stop on the Freedom Run. Wes emailed around and a few of us decided to meet at the Roadhouse in Round Rock this evening to discuss alternatives, and for Wes to let us know about another exciting development. It turns out that October 19th is also the day that Pflugerville is having their Annual Chili Cook-off. At first it sounded like a problem, but we have been contacted by a city employee that is organizing the event, and they want to work with us to include our two events together. We had some discussion, and it sounds like it could be really good for everyone. There is even talk about having a special parking area sectioned off for motorcycles only. This is starting to sound like a really great benefit for TMRA II.

After our discussions, we went out to kick tires on Wes’ brand new water cooled Harley Davidson Limited. We were careful not to kick too hard, since we don’t want to mark it up yet. The amazing thing is you really can’t tell that it is water cooled unless you look really close. Hard to believe I know, but you have to see it to believe it. ANyway, here are the pics;