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This morning, we managed to roll out of bed in time to meet at near Rudy’s BBQ for a breakfast ride out to 290 Cafe in Manor with our New Life Riders CMA chapter. We haven’t been out on the bikes much lately, it being so hot and all, but Debbie had a new (to her) windshield on her bike that she wanted to try out. The temperature was only about 75 to start, which was very nice at least for the firs few hours. Me made it out to 290 Cafe, and had their wonderful special that was listed on the board as Vanilla French Toast with candied pecans and Strawberries. I think you spell that D-I-V-I-N-E, or at least as close as you can get in this world. After breakfast we headed out 95 north to Copland and then back roads to Hutto. I can’t believe we actually got the group split up by a passing train, but we did. They waited for us at their next turn, heading out another back road to the north to catch 1431. We split off at Hutto and headed home on 685 the back way to Pflugerville and home. Now, as soon as I get this posted I can take a nap 🙂