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Debbie and headed out to Granite Shoals, half way through Sunday school . On the way out we were prayed over by our class for safety, blessing and ministry opportunities.

It did in fact take about 1 1/2 hours to get to Granite Shoals to the Dark Horse MC Clubhouse. Turns out we were a little bit early, but within half an hour or so other clubs started showing up, and eventually we had about 50-75 people there. A pretty good turnout for such a hot day. They prepared the BBQ (Pork and Chicken) the day before, so it was ready to serve as everyone arrived. We received a generous portion and ate out fill of the pulled pork with all the fixin’s. The whole meal was topped off with a deviled egg on the side. Very nice. Debbie volunteered to walk around selling 50/50 tickets, and she was very popular. Good servant Debbie. The music was very good from The Southern Comfort band. We hung around and talked for a while, then headed back to Austin after a stop in Burnet at DQ for some cool refreshment, and then to the square to visit an Antique Mall, and take pictures of the “steel” Blue Bonnets. Oh, and I had to try and “remove” the rock of course.