As I sit here, I have just received a reminder that I am not the most generous person in the world. Now, that might not surprise you, but it was a bit of a shock to me. I think of myself as being pretty generous. I give of the resources that God has given me, to lots of needy causes. I have compassion for all the needs God places in front of me, and I thank God that he has given me enough resources that I am able to contribute to those needs as they are presented. I don’t consider myself wealthy, but by many standards I suppose I am. Clearly I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve. There is however one area where I am as cheap as they come. I absolutely squeak. So what is this area? Well it is when someone comes to my door and wants to sell me something. Now I should prefix this by saying I am not talking about Girl Scouts. I do buy their cookies. No, I am talking about that other person that goes door to door selling whatever they are selling. It drives me absolutely mad. And unfortunately that madness sometimes comes out all too clearly. If I were to analyze my self, I suppose I would say that I place a very high premium on my time at home, and I don’t like it to be interrupted without warning. So is that an excuse? Yes it is. Is it a good excuse? No it is not! So, why am I confessing this to you? Well, I am guessing that you, like me, have your own triggers that lead you to be unreasonably upset when there is really no need for it. Why is there no need to get upset, well you all know the answer already, but I will say it anyway. As I abide as branch in the vine of Christ, I can do all things though Him who leads me. I can even listen to a salesman.