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Debbie and I went to the COC & I meeting this month at Texas Mist to get updated information of course, but also to help with raising money to support the activities of TMRA II.  Texas Mist donated the meat for our Freedom Dogs and Freedom Burgers, as well as the fix-in’s for the burgers. We certainly appreciate Texas Mist.

The COC & I meeting itself was very well attended, we had clubs from all over, including several I didn’t know, but everyone was here for the same reason, to learn more about how to protect our rights as bikers in our favorite state Texas.  We even got to see some short videos on how to correctly express our constitutional rights during a traffic stop. One was very funny, involving high-fiving an officer while driving straight through a motorcycle checkpoint. Probably not the best way to handle a checkpoint, but funny none-the-less. Our most recent Call to Action is about motorcycle only checkpoints, and it was very successful, with over 650 call-in’s (for our division) to our legislators in support of HR1861.  Here is a link on the latest status of this bill from govtrack.us;


If you are reading this, and you ride a motorcycle, or know someone that does, please consider getting involved. We need all the help we can get to protect our constitutional rights.

Go over to http://www.txcocinews.org and sign up to receive email updates.

And finally, here are some photos of the meeting today;