Saturday is the big day for the ROT Rally. The headliner bands play Saturday night and everyone comes for the party. This year, attendance was down a bit, but there were still lots to see. Lots of bikes, lots of people, and lots of vendors, all walking around the dozens of acres that make up the Austin Fairgrounds.  Today we had a birthday party for one of our members. She turned 50, and we attended a wedding with was very nice, and we visited the TMRA II/COC & I booth to visit our good friends working those political booths. We have to protect out rights, or they will get taken away. If you don’t believe it, just ask me. We also had lots of visitors to our Hospitality Tent. We gave away ice cold water, and fresh hot coffee with all the fix-in’s. Mostly the coffee was in the mornings, but some people like coffee all day. Oh, and there was a high wire act on a motorcycle. I didn’t get up close, but I got a shot from the tent and cropped it so you could see he really was there. Ok, without further delay, here are the photos for Saturday.