After a good nights sleep (we go home each night), Debbie and I headed off to the third day of the ROT Rally. A quick stop at McD for some breakfast and out we went to the rally site. Hmm.. Doesn’t seem to be particularly crowded yet, so we headed in to Volunteer parking and through to the vendors to kibitz and take a few more pics. I see we have a lot more people than yesterday, and praise God the weather is overcast to hold the heat down. It didn’t really start to heat up till mid afternoon, and even then we still had quite a few clouds to give some useful shade occasionally. On one of my trips to the registration area I saw a memorial for Little John Wallace. Little John was a good friend and in years past he handled several electrical problems we occasionally encountered. I heard he passed away from Cancer this past year. Very sad, he was a great guy.

I think I got some good pictures of the rally site and the bikes, so take a look.