This is a “Moment” I wrote back in 2010, but was apparently never published, so now it is.

Seasons, we all know about seasons. We see the summer, and the winter, we experience the changes in the colors of the leaves in the fall. I wonder though, if we understand the seasons of our lives. (Solomon) You see, I believe God works out the seasons in us, just like the seasons of the weather. No, not hot and cold, I mean seasons, as in a season of service, like holding a particular job or position for a week, month, year or even for a decade. We get comfortable in our position, and we become accustomed to doing the various tasks that are part of our job. That is fine of course, and it is as it should be, but I also believe God’s plan for our lives includes bringing one season to an end, so He can move us into the next place where he wants us to serve Him. i think in many cases these changes of season are not comfortable, or pleasant, but from God’s perspective they are necessary. We can of course resist these changes, but God in his wisdom has ways of getting our attention, and of showing us that we need to move on to the next season. Another aspect of these seasons, is that when we are hurt, by a situation, or by a person, we sometimes bottle up that hurt, and then we think we have dealt with it, and it is just something that happened in the past. God however knows the truth, that we have bottled it up, and we haven’t accepted the situation, or perhaps forgiven the person who hurt us. When that happens, God will let us handle things our own way for a season, but He won’t wait forever for us to realize we need to deal with the issue, whatever it is, and He will bring up reminders in our lives to bring us to a place where we can acknowledge the hurt, and turn it over to him. If we refuse to heed His reminders, then, as a friend of mine once said, “He gets out a bigger 2 by 4 and hits me up side the head to get my attention”. Not a pleasant experience I assure you, but God will do what is needed to continue the process of molding each of us into the man or woman He wants us to be.