I went to the BACA benefit up at Hardtails in Georgetown today for lunch.  They had $10 BBQ plates with all the fixins provide by Hardtails, and $5 of that went to BACA, which is a pretty good benefit, especially since the BBQ was really good. THere were several activities for the kids, and a silent auction for the adults. Oh, yes, and there were bands playing and no cover charge. A heck of a deal for saturday lunch. Good food, good fellowship, and fun all for a great cause. Well done BACA. One more thing, I had printed up a 16×20 print of the Escondidos I took at the COC&I State Rally, so I was able to deliver it to Escondido Paul.  he was on a bike, so for the time being it will sit over the bar. Looks pretty good if I do say so. Enjoy the pictures.  All these photos can be clicked for a larger one, and sometimes clicked again for an even larger image.

BACABenefit 1 BACABenefit 2 BACABenefit 3 BACABenefit 4 BACABenefit 5 BACABenefit 6 BACABenefit 7 BACABenefit 8 BACABenefit 9 BACABenefit 10 BACABenefit 11 BACABenefit 12 BACABenefit 13 BACABenefit 14 BACABenefit 15 BACABenefit 16 BACABenefit 17 BACABenefit 18 BACABenefit 19 BACABenefit 20 BACABenefit 21 BACABenefit 22 BACABenefit 23 BACABenefit 24 BACABenefit 25 BACABenefit 26 BACABenefit 27 BACABenefit 28 BACABenefit 29 BACABenefit 30 BACABenefit 31 BACABenefit 32