I would have called this post the New Life Riders Run for the Son, but in all we must have had 15 or more chapters meet in Fredricksburg for fellowship and prayer. Someone counted and there were 96 people at the town square in this huge circle for prayer.  I wimped out and took the car. I don’t know what is the matter with me, but I just don’t feel like getting on the bike lately. Anyway, we did have a good time, and after we finished up, we headed out to Alamo Springs Cafe’ for some much needed lunch.  I didm’t know where we were headed at the time, so I just followed, and followed and followed. It is a fur piece out to this cafe’.  For a while I thought I was just following a bunch of bikers on a hill country ride, and of course I was in my car, so I felt a bit out of place.  But finally we did arrive, and I must say the food was worth the drive. We took about 20 people with us, so we pretty much filled up the place. Of course it wasn’t exactly empty when we got there, so by the time we all got seated it really was crowded. Service was pretty fast, I was lucky enough (thank you Lord) to be sitting inside, so we got served  earlier than those outside, but I don’t think anyone went away hungry. On the way home, after that big lunch, I stopped for a snooze at a Rest Stop on 290. After a 15 minute nap, I notice this church out behind the rest stop, so I headed out back to take a look. Real Nice….Ok, enough of my ramblings, on with the pictures.