I went to Bike Night at Sam’s Town Point this evening, and I took the bike for a change. First stop was Wendy’s for a burger. Got-a eat.  I’m glad I took the bike but it was touch an go for a bit, but more about that later.  I arrived without incident, praying all the way for protection from all those cars, so I guess it worked cause I made it.  I got there a bit before 7pm, and immediately encountered Johnny S. He isn’t an MC club member, but he has been “hanging around” for a while praying for myself and others. He has been a part time pastor for one of the biker churches in south Austin, and at the request of Sam’s Town Point, will be starting a biker church there starting April 28th. I told someone that it was starting the 28th of this month, but no it is next month. It should be pretty neat, church in a bar, or in good weather behind the bar. Sam’s Town has a nice outside seating area that should work great for a church service.  Anyway, I got to say hello to lots of my friends, and listen to some great tunes from Andy and Tim. I asked them what their group was called, and they said “Andy and Tim”. Ok. Anyway, I guess they play there regularly, and they are really good, kind of laid back bluesy. Real nice.  There was another group coming on at 9pm, but it started to rain around 8:30, so I waited for a bit of a let-up, and hi-tailed up north towards home. I must have picked the right time, cause it only sprinkled on me a few minutes and then let up the rest of the way.  That was the touch and go part, the rain, in case you couldn’t tell. Enjoy the pics,