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I got an email from a long time friend Charles, that mentioned a new motorcycle shop his son had started last year, on Hudson Bend Rd. out by the lake.  The shop is called Sinners Cycle Shop. I guess all I can say about that is it has an interesting name that is good for starting conversations.  Anyway, Debbie and I drove (it was too wet and windy to ride) out there today to check it out. Jeff is a certified Harley Mechanic that used to work at Texas Custom Choppers till the owners sold out a couple of years ago.  His shop appears to be very well organized, and he is enjoying doing what he loves, which is working on motorcycles.  We should all have such great jobs. Jeff works with Mathias$ Custom Paint & Airbrushing, an extraordinary painter. I noticed a painting of a face on the wall that Mathias has done, and he is really good.  Of course I am sure he paints tanks and fenders too.

If you are in the area, check out Sinners Cycle Shop at 4601 Hudson Bend Rd. Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78734, or on the web at; http://sinnerscycleshop.com, and Mathias Custom Paint at; http://www.mathiasairbrushing.com

Jeff also mentioned that he was starting up a new business opening next week called Sinners Trading Company that will be a consignment store for motorcycle related parts and clothing.  This sounds like a real neat idea.  We all have extra leather coats, boots, helmets and lots of gloves laying around that we haven’t used in years, not to mention all those original factory parts filling up our garages.  Well Sinners Trading Company will provide a place where we can easily sell all that extra stuff with out the hassle of dealing with eBay, or Craig’s List.  Jeff is starting this business in partnership with his “strip mall” neighbor Randy Russell, just down the way that runs a Tax and Accounting service in Suite 300.

Enjoy the photos,