I headed up to Leander Assembly of God church this morning to accompany Don to the Presidents meeting. Normally Kinny the VP would have gone, but Kinny is laid up for a few weeks while he heals from all those heart bypasses. It was a good meeting, with great snacks as always.

Next it was time to head home so Debbie an I could met a few others at Jays THIRD STORY apartment and move their stuff out and onto a this nice flat bed trailer, which was shortly to be headed to a new location. I don’t actually know where it was all going, because Debbie and I were exhausted after the move out, so we headed home for some rest. I guess we aren’t as spry as we used to be.

While heading home, we stopped for dinner at Mighty Fine to split a burger. We didn’t want to have to go out again after we got home, so this was both quick and tasty.

Finally we were heading home and almost at put exit when we saw a group of Bandidos with some tag alongs, probably heading home after a day out somewhere.

Note, I blurred the license plates. I always try to blur out license plates, for either bike or car to help protect everyone from un-scrupulous persons on the internet that might see my postings and use the information to steal someones bike. Y’all are excepted of course.