We all play games, and most of us like playing games. We have all played lots of games of Windows Solitaire (the most popular game on the planet). Some of us don’t like certain games, like First Person Shooters (sorry guys, I just don’t like the intensity). Some of us like people games, and some of us don’t. Games are a diversion from things we want to get diverted from, and games can be used to help us forget out problems, at least for a little while. Games can reduce stress, and games can increase stress. There is one game however that has consequences beyond what we might normally consider. Yes, I am talking about the game we play with Jesus. Some of us deny he is God, and some of say He is only one of several gods. But some of believe He is God, and we set out to follow him. Those of us in that category are referred to as Christians. Now you might think I am about to start beating up all those of you that don’t believe He is God, but I’m not. Actually I don’t want to beat anybody up, I just want to make us think. Emphasis on “us think”. You see, I have to confess that I play a game with Jesus all the time. The game doesn’t have a name exactly, but it goes something like this; Jesus, I want you to work your magic (I don’t call it magic, but it emphasizes the point) in me and through me today. I usually say this in the morning, and it is normally called prayer. Then I go about my day, looking for how He wants to work though me, and usually he does, and I can see Him working if I pay attention. Sometimes it is pretty fun, seeing what He can do while I just watch and participate as he leads me. Sometimes is isn’t so fun, when He decides He wants to teach me something and I have to rely on Him for my peace in the midst of a lot of chaos. Then as the day closes, around 5 or 6 o’clock, I check out of work and head home for some relaxation. This is where the game starts to get really interesting. When I am at home, I want to watch TV. Yes, I am a couch potato, and a movie junky, or perhaps I am more correctly described as a CSI junky. I used to be a Star Trek junky, but I have seen them all so many times I’m not interested anymore. Anyhow, I want to sit on the couch and just vegetate. So, is there anything wrong with wanting to sit on the couch and vegetate? No, but on several occasions Jesus has asked me to get up and do something, like call someone, or visit someone, and on some of those occasions I have said no. I don’t feel like it tonight, I am tired and I want to rest. He says ok. He won’t normally make me do what He wants, I get to choose. That is the game. Will I do what jesus wants, or will I choose to do what I want. It is a game, or sorts. And like all games, it has a winner and a loser. Guess which one I am? Nope, you are probably wrong. You see, I am both the winner, and the loser. When I do what Jesus wants, then I am the winner because I get to see Him work, and when I do what I want, I am the loser because I don’t get to see Him work. Maybe it isn’t such a good game after all. Do you like to play games?