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We attended the preparation training for tomorrows Legislative Day. Arrived early to help with the setup of the TMRA II tent. We were serving Freedom Dogs again, so we had to get stuff cooking for lunch.  That all went pretty smooth, and Debbie helped serve while I took pictures of all the goings on. There were lots of different clubs in attendance, including many I had not seen before.  ABATE started things out with a refresher course on letter writing techniques and the some social techniques to help us make a good impression as we walk around the capital.  It was all a good reminder to be friendly and respectful, which is of course what we want to do. Next we broke for lunch (love those Freedom Dogs), and when we returned, Terri and another lady gave us an update on the bills we are working to get passed. After that, we got an update from Paul, and the COC&I, then Casey had a presentation of a very nice canvas print of a photo from the 2009 legislative Day of Bandido Gimmi Jimmi leading the Color Guard up to the Capital. It is a very nice print, and of course several people had to have their picture taken with Jimmy. All in all a great day.  So, tomorrow is the big day, and I hope all of you will be heading down to the Capital with me to talk to our legislators. I will be at the Capital by 10AM, how about you?