Debbie and I and Janice went to the December UCOA meeting, which was a little lightly attended, but I suppose lots of people were out of town, this being so close to Christmas. The meeting was pretty short, Crossroads MC gave a donation to J. W. Rock , and we accepted a new Club Master Minds MC into UCOA. Note the second pic, is a vast enlargement of a small section of the first shot.  That would be Janice and Debbie holding up their hands. Note sure what they were volunteering for, but they seem to be really excited. It was a good meeting, and I was asked to pray for the Sandy Hook Elementary School children and their families.  I appreciated the reminder as I so easily forget things these days. So the meeting was closed with my “moment”, a time of silence for the children and their families, and a prayer for everyone for comfort, peace, and joy in this special season. May you and yours have a Blessed Christmas, and a Joyous New Year.