Well, here we are in December 2012, rapidly approaching Friday the 21st, which some people believe will be the end of the world as we know it. If you have listening to the news you will have been hearing about this for quite some time, and have made up your own mind about whether that date is actually significant. Some people, perhaps even some here, are ready to barricade themselves into makeshift bunkers with food, water and weapons to weather out the storm of chaos that they believe could be coming. Others, like myself, are confident that this Friday will be like any other Friday. That’s not to say that nothing important will happen, it’s just that I don’t believe the world will end on that day. The Bible clearly tells us in Chapter 20 of Revelation that Christ will reign for 1000 years after His return to this earth. So, clearly we have a while yet until the world actually comes to an end, which it will someday. So what do I do in the meantime? Max out my credit card? No, I just live each day without fear, trusting Christ to provide for my needs as He has promised.

We have a choice of who or what we will believe, whether it’s Nostrodamus, the Mayans, the media, our own imagination or nothing at all, but I for one am believing Jesus, and waiting for His return with expectation. How about you?