Today was delivery day! For these last many years, our CMA chapter along with all the motorcycle clubs that are part of UCOA (United Clubs of Austin) have been supporting the J.W. Rock Foundation.  The foundation was setup as a memorial to  J.W., who was the Texas President of Bandidos MC.  It was his custom to provide gifts and food baskets to needy families in the greater Austin area at Christmas time. The non-profit Foundation now continues this tradition, working with St. Vincent DePaul to identify the families in need, and to provide funding for the purchase of food baskets.  The UCOA clubs then receive information identifying their family, and the toy desires of the children.  Each club then purchases gifts for the family.  Each family is contacted ahead of the delivery date to make sure they will be home, then we all just drive our bikes over to their house for the delivery. You can imagine the excitement it gives the kids to have a dozen motorcycles drive up and park in front of their house or apartment.  It really is a blessing to each of us that participates, and of course for the families as well.  I obviously cannot attend the delivery of all of the clubs, but I think you can see from the pictures at Sams Town Point that we certainly get very good participation from all the clubs.  I heard that J. W. Rock with the support of all the clubs delivered baskets and gifts to 32 families today.

After the deliver, we stopped in for some lunch.

We had also heard that one of our members had a friend who was having some serious financial difficulties, so we arranged to provide from our chapter funds to help him. We delivered two bags of groceries and a couple of small gifts, and got to hang out by the bikes for a while. Overall, a great day!