After the TMRA II meeting last Thursday, Debbie and I volunteered to sell tee shirts to help raise funds to pay for some of the parking expenses for all those bikes on Legislative Day in January of 2013.  We arrived a little before 7PM, and setup near the door. Shortly after we finished setting up, someone came through announcing that there was a knife thrower out back, tossing knifes at a board surrounding his lady friend.  I was a bit incredulous, but I went out back and sure enough there they were. I snapped a couple of photos as proof. I gave them my card, and if they email me their information, I will post it on this blog entry and maybe they can get  a couple of gigs.  Next up was some raffle drawing, so I got a few shots of the winners. and finally a black and white of some of the bikes attending the event. Overall, an interesting evening.

Confession and Apology: As I was leaving the event last evening, I walked up to a group of Bandidos to say goodbye, and in the process I made a reference to the shirts we were selling and said something about a free shot was included. I am not sure what I was thinking at the time, I guess I wasn’t thinking.  Anyway, I realize how inappropriate my comment was, coming from a Christian and the Chaplain, so please accept my apology. Tom Zimmer