Debbie and I went to the UCOA meeting for October this evening, and on the walk to the front door, we saw this really nice ’63 Chevrolet station wagon. I don’t know who it belonged to, but it was very cool! We had a pretty short meeting this evening, but a couple of things did stand out. The first one was, we took up a donation for the son of a member of one of our clubs who needs an heart operation, and believe it or not, they have to come up with a down payment before the doctors will operate. Anyway, we passed the hat, and raised over $2000 toward the need, including a couple of very generous donations during an auction that was held on the spur of the moment. We do try to take care of our own. Second, but not least, US Military Vets MC donated a portion of their recent event proceeds to J. W. Rock, which One Wire immediately turned around and gave toward the operation need. My topic tonight (or maybe I should say God’s topic) was to consider the blessings we receive and how we can share then with the people around us. Seems to me that is exactly what happened this evening.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but here are two you might enjoy.