If I were to ask each of you to tell me how you were blessed today, you might have to pause for a moment before answering, but I think most of you would be able to come up with something. Whether it was being able to have lunch and dinner, or maybe you avoided an accident on the way here today, or perhaps a spouse or friend told you how much you mean to them. Whatever your answer, most of us were blessed today, in many ways, and yet we often think we’ve had a bad day. I know I do at times. I focus on the problems and I let the joy of the day slip away.

But let me tell you something else I learned today. I learned that when we are blessed, God desires that we pass those blessing on to others. Now I am not talking about money, I am talking about something much more important. I am talking about how God can change my attitude as I go about my day. He teaches me to recognize how blessed I am, and how He can help me to bless others, by my words, my actions, and sometimes by just a smile. Imagine how much harder it will be to have a bad day if I spend more time letting God remind me of my blessings, instead of commiserating over the problems I encounter throughout the day.

I for one, am going to ask God to help me focus on the joy of His blessings and how He can help me to bless others. How about you?