The Sputnik Memorial Ride was a bit too far away for us today, so we went to the Garage Sale at our local Public Library in Wells Branch. I know, not as exciting, but at least we got to meet some of our neighbors.  We did talk to a real nice lady that was helping raise money for the Connally Cougars (cute hat). After talking with her, I think I am glad I’m not her, she’s more busy than I am. Sounds exhausting.

As it turns out, there was more excitement that we expected, because there was an automobile accident right out in front of the Library  just after we headed back to our car to head home. I don’t really know what happened, since I was looking the wrong direction when it happened, but suffice to say that three cars were involved and one person had an injury to their leg.  We got a visit from the Fire Department, and Ambulance and some local Sheriff to block traffic. We certainly pray that the person injured will heal quickly, and that they had no other serious injuries.  Fortunately it all happened at pretty low speed, so most of the damage looked repairable. Enjoy the pics,