Debbie and I went to the Biker Living Rally held in Albert.  Of course it was raining cats and dogs, so attendance was a bit light. We had some bikes, some tent campers and a bunch cars. It turned out to be a realy nice event, the music was excellent and the Buffalo burgers were quite tasty.  True Few MC provided the bike games, and since it rained, they were held in the dance hall.  You might be surprised at how much fun you can have with some buckets, tennis balls, some rolls of toilet paper and some plungers.  Oh, yes, and we can’t forget the sand paper! Everyone had loads of fun, either watching or playing. We even had a tour bus load of people on a local tour stop by for a couple of hours. Seems their washer toss game got rained out in Fredericksburg. Albert is definitely a great location to hold a rally, lots of space, grass and trees for shade and of course the dance hall in case it rains.  If you missed it, you missed a good time.  Oh, and we picked up a couple of “Watch for Motorcycles” yard signs that Red and Kat brought out. Let me know if you are local to Austin, and you want some of these yard signs, I will hook you up. We want to help keep all those car drivers aware of our presence.  On the way home, we stopped at our favorite Texas Stop Sign (Dairy Queen), and we caught a shot of a rainbow. Enjoy!