Well, it has been a little over 9 months since we lost Phil to heart failure. God had been keeping him alive and active for a long time prior to that day. I guess that up to that day, God needed Phil to say something to someone to encourage them. We will miss Phil, he was an important and long time member of New Life Riders, and he kept Riding for the Son, right up to the end. We decided to have a memorial ride in honor of Phil, so we rode from his home church “Red River”, down on 45th, through the back country, and ended up at Hardtails restaurant up in Georgetown for lunch.  We had 12 bikes, and 14 people.  It was a good ride. The photos start out with one of Phil on his bike, hugging his harmonica.  Well, actually Phil and I created this image one evening so he could use it on his facebook page.  He did love motorcycles and harmonicas.  Enjoy!