Debbie and I went to the Sweat Hog Rally put on by Brotherhood Of Biker MC, up at the Burnet Fairgrounds.  It is a three day event, but we just went up for the day.  This BOB rally is one of those old school rallies, that has vendors, bike games, camping and your usual thunderstorm. I don’t know if they got hit with a storm this year, but the percentages were pretty high. Anyway, we got there shortly after the bike games had started, so we jumped in and took some picture. After a bit, I turned the camera over to Debbie and I went inside for a minute.  When I returned, someone was laying on the ground. Seems he finished a game, and was a bit over energetic with his throttle, and flipped his bike. Not good. We heard he is doing ok, and should recover without any permanent damage, but it was pretty scary. After a while, the games started up again including beat the potato, the weeny bite, balloon toss and several other games including one that involved shooting a paint ball gun at a target.  We didn’t stay long enough for that game, but it did sound like fun. I think I got a pretty good sampling of several events.  Enjoy the photos;