I received word this week about the motorcycle accident and death of a friend, James (Bandido Stonecold). I can’t say he was a close friend, but I spoke with him regularly, at the various meetings and events we both attended, and I was the backup photographer at his wedding this past February to Christina (Jaded). Though I didn’t know him well, he was an important and highly respected part of the local motorcycling community. I never had the opportunity to speak with him about his spiritual condition, so I don’t know personally know if he ever gave his heart to Christ, but I did speak to another Bandido that I do know well and that I do know is a Christian, and his view was that from Stonecold’s actions, and attitudes toward other people, he believes he was a Christian, and he expects to see him again when we all get to heaven. As James (in the Bible) says, “I will show you my faith by my actions”. Truly our faith is to be displayed on this earth by our actions. I took comfort from my conversation, and I take rest from the fact that Holy God is the judge and He is a Just judge. We may not know for sure whether someone is a Christian, but God knows and that is all that matters. I also pray that my actions will always speak loudly and say to everyone that Jesus is my Lord.

Update: As you can read in the comments for this post, I received confirmation of James’ salvation from another of his friends. Praise God, that is good news to share!