We had our monthly UCOA (United Clubs Of Austin) meeting at VFW hall 8787 this evening. It was a good meeting. We are in the heat of summer, so there are fewer events than we have at cooler times of the year, but there are a few coming up. You can check on the UCOA web site at; www.ucotexas.org. Click on the Austin link, and then the calendar to see upcoming events.
We always pledge allegiance to our United States flag. We are not a gang of bikers, we are motorcycle loving patriots, and you can quote me on that. Many of us have served in the various branches of the military, and we were proud to do it. Freedom isn’t free, it is paid for by the blood of our soldiers. Ok, enough preaching. JW Rock was also pleased to receive donations from two recent events, the Chesty benefit hosted by Leathernecks MC and the Jug Run co-hosted by Tornados MC and Chupacabras MC. As a reminder, in case you don’t know, JW Rock is a non-profit organization that benefits the most needy families in Austin at Christmas time with food baskets and presents (from the clubs). It also supports the families within the local biker community, for example, after the fires in Bastrop, JW Rock provided assistance to families within our community that lost everything. You can find out more about JW Rock at; www.jwrockfoundation.org
Enjoy the photos,