When you got up this morning, you were probably like me, you thought about your day and what you were going to be doing. Maybe you waited until after that first cup of coffee, so the brain would be a bit clearer, but I think we all make our plans and then we set out to complete them. Your plan might be different than mine, or it might be the same. Get up, clean up, get dressed, get coffee, then stumble out the door. I often wonder why God made that light up in the sky so bright. We go to work, and do mostly the same things we did yesterday, and we look forward to that time when we can get on the bike, hit the open road and clear out the cob webs. Of course there are also times when our plans get interrupted, or changed completely. Saturday, one of our members went out to start her bike and found that one of her battery terminal bolts was completely missing. That put a kink in her ride for a while. So, our plans get changed, and we go with the flow, though sometimes I get pretty irritated when it happens to me. Sometimes I forget that God really is in control, and that He either causes or allows all these changes. Then I remember that the Bible tells me “All things work together for the good, for those that love the Lord”, and I do love the Lord, so sometimes I need to be reminded that my plan wasn’t as good as God’s plan, so He changed it. That is a promise I can depend on, and you can too.