Everybody knows Dave and Busters, good for and games.  We met there today for lunch on the special occasion of Janice’s and Dina’s birthdays.  Don’t know how old they are, but I can say with great confidence that the sum of their ages is still younger than me (ok, that might be a stretch, how about the average of the sum of their ages 🙂 ).  Anyway, the food was good, and they have this sort of special deals where you buy lunch and they include a $10 games card.  Ok, the lunch might be a bit high, but when you add the card in, it is a pretty good deal. We all snapped it up.  The food was really good, and then we shade dover to the game area.  Lots of stuff to do, and you can win tickets that you trade in for prizes.  Everybody loves prizes. We all had a good time, and I won enough tickets to buy my desert (a couple of pieces of laffy taffy).

Note: I edited this entry to include Dina.  Sorry Dina I forgot you when I originally posted this. 😦