Last Saturday was our CMA Run For The Son, where we ride 100 miles, and raise money for CMA to use for minister throughout the coming year. This year, we met at the Y at Oak Hill, for a ride out to Fredricksburg, where we were to meet several other CMA chapters for prayer and fellowship. Anyway, several of us met, and we headed out 290 West toward Fredricksburg. It wasn’t long before we noticed that a new member of our group was driving quite slowly. Being friends, we just slowed down to his pace, and continued for about 1/2 hour, then the leader pulled over to check to see if something was wrong with the slower drivers bike. Turns out, he was just a new rider, and simply wasn’t comfortable riding at highway speeds. We accepted that, and started to head out at the slower pace. Unfortunately, when I went to start my bike, it would’t do anything, no electrical power at all. Everyone else then stopped, and came over to see what my issue was. It turns out, that I had a battery post screw loose, very loose. I borrowed a 10mm wrench to tighten the bolt, and then we headed out to Fredricksburg. We arrived a bit late, but we had great fellowship. Anyway, it was a very good thing that our new member was driving slowly, and that our leader decided to pull over, because otherwise I might have lost power while driving at highway speeds in traffic, which would not be a good thing. So God was watching over us all the time, and we just needed to pay attention to what He was doing. I for one am going to be paying attention, how about you.