Debbie and I went to Spinners in Wells Branch Tuesday evening for dinner. They have great burgers, and Tuesday is Bike night.  Had really good attendance this evening, standing room only.  We got there early enough to get a seat, and we enjoyed listening to the musician.  Saw lots of friends, and it might be strange, but it seemed to me that the atmosphere was even more laid back that the usual rally event we attend.  Maybe it was just because we were all relaxing, and no club was responsible for getting the event to happen.  Anyway it was nice and comfortable. As usual I took a few pictures.  The first one is of a piece of leather mounted one of the Leatherneck MC members. I don’t know which one, but it was the first time I had seen it, and it was very nicely tooled. The second one is of Woody hugging Debbie, Woody is a very friendly guy, he even hugs me.  Enjoy.