Debbie and I just got back from the COC & I State rally in Katy Texas.  It was a great rally.  Debbie and I decided to go down on Saturday morning, rather than head down Friday.  Seems that might have been a good thing as they got a lot of rain and I think hail on Friday night.  Fortunately the rest of the weekend was beautiful. As usual there were lots of activities, including but not limited to bike games, biker burnouts, mechanical bull, and lets not forget boxing for the strong man award. And don’t let me forget shopping, as there were a number of vendors selling biker stuff.  I purchased an American Flag and had it sewn on, so Don will be pleased. I got photos of several of the events, but just so you know, I am not big on boxing, so you won’t find any of those here.  I am sure lots of other people took pictures though, so if you look around, you will probably find some.  We had a good Defender meeting, with awards and encouragement to get ready for the coming Legislative Session in January.  The Ground Pounder was given away, using an elaborate method apparently devised by Gimmi Jimmi, where I was picked to pick someone who would pick someone, who… You get the idea.  There must have been a dozen people that picked other people, before we actually picked the winning ticket.  Anyway, I got pictures of it all.  On Sunday, we had a service put on by Soldiers For Jesus, and music by JLPB (Jesus Loving Praise Band). The music was great, and the sermon was right on target.  Ok, without further delay, here are the pictures;