Debbie and I had a busy weekend, we went to the TMRA State Rally up in Comanche Saturday, and then drove back home after the Sunday service to be back in time to rest a bit and then head over to the benefit for Cyclops at Hanovers later in the afternoon. Now It may come as a surprise to you, but I am no spring chicken, and going to a lot of activities can wear me out, so when we got to Hanovers, I was a bit pooped. We mingled a while, greeted some of folk, and generally wandered back toward the food area. We were just hanging around watching the crowd, when Gypsy Slinky walked up and said hello. I think God must have specifically told him to come over and talk to us, cause he was truly a joy to be around. You see, we were running out of steam, and yet his pure excitement of being one of God’s children was completely contagious, and just lifted my exhaustion right off my shoulders. It was amazing, and he made my day. So, here is my suggestion for you. If you are feeling down, or if you have had a tiring day, look for God to bring someone into your life to perk you up, and if you are one of those fortunate people that God gave more energy than you need, share your Joy with someone around you.